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Has any sci-fi/set-in-the-future TV/movie ever created believable club/bar/nightlife? Regardless of budget, these scenes inevitably feel stilted.

  • At worst: Buck Rogers' disco-with-glowing-ropes
  • At best: (I can't think of an "at best" example)
  • Usually: vaguely _The Matrix_y


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I guess the executives who run tech companies never actually use their products, else this web team would be fired, yeah?

(this also explains AppleTV remotes, fridge ice-makers, AirDrop, airplane seatback entertainment system menus....)

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My suspension-of-disbelief was shaken by Brian Posehn in scene 1; I abandoned The Mandalorian a few episodes in.

A year or whatever later, I'm trying to catch up, and... Bill Burr? Richard Ayoade?! I can't take this child's entertainment product seriously!

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TIL not only can you use Feedbin to follow Twitter accounts*, you can also use it to follow lists. Just added: Om's list of 25 worthwhile journalists.

*I don't like giving the platform even this iota of attention, but I want to keep up w/ a few people & this is the only way.

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I'm seeing a lot of praise from web devs re: the new but not as much talk about how it gives you two (2) white-nationalist clubhouses to choose from.

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I've been having massive performance problems with Docker on my RPi. This guide and its custom image have really improved things. (I was wary about a non-Raspbian image but if it works, it works.)