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Radio Nachos 06

Short one this week; not a lot of editorial oversight of the algorithm either. Meh.

  1. Omnibus Project ep. 303 "SEX CREEP"
  2. Tom Jones, Mousse T. "Sex Bomb"
  3. Manto "Afto To Kalokeri" (edit)
  4. Soccer Mommy "circle the drain"
  5. Cut Copy "Lights and Music"
  7. Queen "Radio Ga Ga"
  8. Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers "Don't Do Me Like That"
  9. Dollyrots "American Girl"
  10. The Cramps "Bikini Girls with Machine Guns"
  12. The Smiths "Reel Around the Fountain"
  13. Interpol "PDA"
  14. Kitchens of Distinction β€œThe 3rd Time We Opened The Capsule"
  15. The Asteroid No.4 "All Mixed Up"
  17. Sufjan Stevens "With My Whole Heart"
  18. Atari 2600 "Moon Patrol"
  19. FUNKY
  20. We Were Promised Jetpacks "When Getting Lost"
  21. Ocean Blue "Peace of Mind"

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two albums with rocky coastline photos on the cover

sort alphabetically, sure.

chronologically? eh.

how 'bout by PCH mile-marker?

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Cleaning out various mostly-abandoned 'cloud storage' accounts (a Dropbox I haven't touched in years; a Nextcloud instance slowing down my Linode server for no useful reason)...

Here's a random image I don't know what to do with.

definitely not a pirated comic strip about comic strips

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(woof, the timestamps vary pretty wildly between VLC and Forecast. I need to re-do that audio file I just posted. Need to walk the dog first though...)

Radio Nachos 05

Extra weirdsies this week. Too much of somethings, not enough otherthings.

UPDATE: I should mention, now that I'm using Forecast to set chapters, it's way better to listen to this file in a podcast player that can use them. I don't link to the feed anywhere, but it's

  1. Cathy and the Cucumbers "Daytrip to Bangor" (edit)
  2. David Byrne/Brian Eno "Strange Overtones"
  3. Dutch Uncle "Streetlight"
  4. The Ocean Blue "Falling Through the Ice"
  5. Lazarus Kgagudi "Don't Hold Her Ruff" (edit)
  7. Eyeliner "Sneakers for Men"
  8. The Chills "Heavenly Pop Hit"
  9. sElf "What A Fool Believes"
  10. Modern English "Dawn Chorus" (edit)
  11. Metroid (NES) Secret Area vs. Norway 3065hz
  13. Yusuf Lateef "Like it Is" (edit)
  14. Paul Simon β€œCan’t Run But”
  15. Wolf Parade "Under the Glass" (edit)
  16. Q Burns Abstract Message "Reel Around the Fountain" (edit)
  17. David Bowie "Sound + Vision"
  19. Grant Lee Buffalo "Mockingbirds"
  20. Nada Surf "So Much Love"
  21. Suzanne Vega "Left of Center"
  22. The Elder Scrolls, Skyrim, "Streets of Whiterun" (Shortwave Spin Mix)
  23. Peach Pit "Psychics in LA"
  24. JAZZ NACHOS (feat. Artemis "Frida")
  25. Propaganda "The Murder of Love"
  26. Patti Page "Detour" (edit)
  27. Wild Nothing "Blue Wings"
  28. Raveonettes "I Wanna Be Adored"
  29. Tycho "Weather"
  30. Tones on Tail "Rain" (edit, feat. Jennings & Roderick "Ouroboros")
  31. Lazarus Kgagudi "Don't Hold Her Ruff" (edit, reprise)

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Over the weekend I decided to learn my way around Docker (I'd tried once before but it just didn't stick). Now Tuesday afternoon, I've reached a point where the basics (and cutting and pasting from tutorials) mostly make sense. Moved a full-stack web app (node/express, apollo, graphql, redis, react) into Docker, got the whole thing SSLed and deployed on a new $5/mo. Linode VPS. If I can move a few other things over there (other Node apps, a Wordpress install), maybe I can ditch my original Linode and get my monthly bill back down from $10 to $5?

Stretch challenge: Most of my node apps use MongoDB's Atlas -- the free tier, but still... would self-hosting inside containers improve performance?

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Another Monday, another adequate cover of a New Order song in my Discover Weekly... 🎸 πŸ₯ 🎹

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watching sportsbros on TV talking about the Bucs game about to start; there's a graphic of the Tampa waterfront behind them. It occurs to me that this year's COVID-impacted class of new lawyers will be the first in 2 generations not to be traumatized by the sight of the convention center.

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Juuuust about ready to delete my Goodreads account. I'm confident in the data export over to and have started marking "to reads" and "now reading" over there & not on Goodreads. (I have two or three 1-star reviews that make me laugh when people "like" them. They'll have a much more limited audience now. 🀣)

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With a Linode-hosted Wordpress instance, feat. SemPress & all the indieweb plugins... Sunlit fails 95% of the time. ("The network connection was lost.") Troubleshooting, I uninstalled both it and M.b app. On reinstall of latest (383) -- I can't get it or M.b app to accept endpoint (XML-RPC something error).

I feel like I just don't belong in this club.