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I guess the executives who run tech companies never actually use their products, else this web team would be fired, yeah?

(this also explains AppleTV remotes, fridge ice-makers, AirDrop, airplane seatback entertainment system menus....)

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My suspension-of-disbelief was shaken by Brian Posehn in scene 1; I abandoned The Mandalorian a few episodes in.

A year or whatever later, I'm trying to catch up, and... Bill Burr? Richard Ayoade?! I can't take this child's entertainment product seriously!

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TIL not only can you use Feedbin to follow Twitter accounts*, you can also use it to follow lists. Just added: Om's list of 25 worthwhile journalists.

*I don't like giving the platform even this iota of attention, but I want to keep up w/ a few people & this is the only way.

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I'm seeing a lot of praise from web devs re: the new but not as much talk about how it gives you two (2) white-nationalist clubhouses to choose from.

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I've been having massive performance problems with Docker on my RPi. This guide and its custom image have really improved things. (I was wary about a non-Raspbian image but if it works, it works.)

📚 A Master of Djinn (2021)

I got another ARC from NetGalley, something that was on my to-read list already -- A Master of Djinn, by P. Djèlí Clark. My spoiler-free review:

Dear Hollywood,

Please throw your grandad's boring-ass comic books in the trash, quit with the endless retreads, and make big summer movies out of stories like this explosive mystery in alternate-history/steampunk-y/djinn-laden early 20C Cairo.

Regards, A non-fan.

RIYL: Stross's Laundry Files, but you wish that there were fewer wise-cracking white dudes and that most of the ~mystic woo~ was (were?) Egyptian-flavored.

Great mystery/adventure. If you're not sure about the setting, give 2016's A Dead Djinn in Cairo a shot. Shorter and free from Tor. (And which I think I need to re-read, now...)

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Radio Nachos 08

Not terribly long, but at least I made it in a hurry!(?)

  1. Police "When the World is Running Down, You Make the Best of What's Still Around"
  3. Agent 5.1 "Robert"
  5. Stars "Ageless Beauty"
  6. Simple Minds "Kant Kino"
  7. The Wake "Pale Spectre"
  8. Sade "Mermaid" (ft. Old Classic Retro Gaming "Beyond Castle Wolfenstein" playthrough)
  9. The Shacks "Follow Me (instrumental)"
  10. Namco "New Rally X (feat. 1404 kHz)"
  12. Minitel Rose "When I Was Punk"
  13. Kraftwerk "The Model"
  15. Chameleons "Shine On"
  16. Go-Betweens "Streets of Your Town"
  17. CASEY
  18. Pseudo Echo "Funkytown" (edit)
  19. Close Lobsters "Just Too Bloody Stupid"
  21. L.A. Takedown "Bad Night at Black's Beach"
  22. Nada Surf "Cold to See Clear"
  23. Film School "Crushin"
  24. Cure "Three Imaginary Boys"
  25. Namco "New Rally X (coda)"
  26. THUD
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