Instagram, December 12, 2018

dog and microwave

“Why’s the microwave next to the front door, paw?”

Instagram, December 11, 2018

pumpkin caught in a grate

“It’s the Grate Pumpkin, Charlie Brown”


December 10, 2018

hole where microwave should be

Fun… switching brands means I need a new bracket installed into the wall. (The old bracket was half-an-inch off.) Will I find the studs and otherwise get the toggle bolts into the wall? Find out tomorrow!

December 10, 2018

screen shot of poor grade on google web performance test

I’m really great at this website-building thing.


December 09, 2018

Canada Geese under palm trees

Canadians down here soaking up all our palm tree vibes.

Instagram, December 09, 2018

footprints in mud 🎼Georgia (On My Shoes)🎼 #redclay

Instagram, December 09, 2018

fallen stop sign seen on Four Oaks, a mile north of Merchants Row

Instagram, December 08, 2018

dog and dog toy found in curb Street Kongs. “First one’s free, cmon.” That’s how they get ya.

Instagram, December 06, 2018

dog and xmas toys Update: oh hey it finally went thru! Watch this space; I suspect a double-post will appear eventually.

December 05, 2018

closeup of frisbee with a flag; letters R & L instead of 50 stars my country right or wrong


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