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Skimming blood-pressure tracking apps in iOS and there’s not one that inspires any sense of privacy or security. Gonna set an every-12-hrs reminder on my phone and tuck a tiny webform-to-database page on my domain, instead. 💟DIY

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A new capitalist low: my new doctor’s waiting room runs a Bissell Tradename XL Platinum Elite Vacuum™ infomercial all day.

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…and there’s no gas left in the county. So much for “preventing a run on gas.”

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"Room 305/2." Very clinical.

This sounds like a fun, spooky videogame setting. The fact that it's real, that it has been real for 35 years and will be for... ever?, is terrifying.

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When does its thing, the image src is a YT-hosted JPG.

When you link to a live outdoor cam YT will frequently update that image, which makes your "nice day at the beach, eh?" post look pretty dumb in the middle of the night!

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screenshot of youtube live-view of the beach, but crooked

shaping up to be a beautiful day at the beach, but gah I really want to drive 3 hours, scale the side of this hotel, and level the webcam.

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I was using's API to pull comments every time I rebuilt this blog; I think I was mis-using/mis-understanding Eleventy's cache plugin too. Tonight I rewrote/re-organized & will just barely hit at all from now on. The since_id=# bit of the API was a big help.

Private networks are the new public networks?

The financial columnist Matt Levine (Money Stuff) has a number of recurring themes, one of which is "private markets are the new public markets." All of the interesting stuff in high finance has moved from heavily-regulated public companies to less-regulated but increasingly-popular private "deals."

So, maybe that will come to apply to the internet, too? I've been half-joking that Apple will eventually remove Safari from phones, because that's the natural end-point of "we're the company that keeps your family safe -- here in our app store." Safari is the porn-brought-to-you-by-Comcast/Cox/Verizon/etc. escape hatch from the app store.

But you could keep Safari around if you decide to ditch the internet. A new walled garden of safe websites. Bloggers must apply for admission. Goofy projects not allowed. All commerce mediated by Apple.

They'd need more physical networking though, I think, if they wanted to truly avoid certain state and federal regulation. They could buy a big ISP and... disconnect it? from the open web? I'm just spitballing here. Cripes, go all out, buy Comcast -- NBC/Universal content goes into TV+, and the Comcast physical plant becomes their global private distribution network?

What if that private equity group saw this coming? And that's why they bought AOL? Its ancient criticism of being a "walled garden" or "internet training wheels" might be the seed of its rebirth. For more hot take analysis follow AOL KEYWORD: RICH-TEXT-DOT-NET!

(To the extent that anyone thinks I'm being serious... I also have been waiting for a grassroots/local/pirate AM-radio revival. I might not have any fingers on any pulses. But you never know!)