crooked new deck install

I'd like to bisect the skull of the guy who thought this was a job well done. (Week 2 of the 2-day project continues. They're fixing it. Allegedly.) #mbaug

morning sun flowing through oak tree

It's more beam than flow but the hour is getting late and this is the only thing on today's roll that might suit the prompt! #mbaug

COVID-19 canoeing rules

I don't really have anything for floating, but the word makes me think of summer trips down the Santa Fe River. That third COVID-19 rule is a big 'un! We'll come get your D.D., that's it.


Time elapsed between the Dan's Gaucho and Two Against Nature: 20 years (1980-2000).

Time elapsed between the Furs' World Outside and yesterday's release of Made of Rain: 29 years (1991-2020). (almost exactly, as it happens. 7-30-91/7-31-20).

(Doesn't mean anything. Just an notice...ment?)

As fun as all the custom/homebrew indie-blog "stuff" is, I'm feeling the urge to go back to Wordpress. Everything's battle-tested; I don't need to figure out what I broke, why my image didn't upload, what crashed on the server, etc. Focus on posts, not tools.

An electronics manufacturer in Destin has sponsored a bunch of beach-side webcams along the coast. One of them looks over the rooftops @ Rosemary Beach. The live chat accompanying the webcam is... unique.

screencap of goth kids' chatting (i guess?)

“I think there’s a little too much emphasis on what we’re thinking and deciding and not enough of the likelihood the result will be dictated to us by these external elements,” Swarbrick said.

It doesn't really matter who Swarbrick is; this is the most rational thing I've seen a public figure say, in months, about any given upcoming event/series-of-events. We aren't in charge; circumstances are.

(He's the Athletic Director for Notre Dame.)

Does anyone still keep their own personal "portal" or "homepage"? Not quite a dashboard in the modern overloaded-with-"Business Intelligence"-widgets sense, but just... maybe a weather map, link to a playlist, link to the news, 2 links to social media... that sort of thing?

New Macbook Air arrived. Keyboard seems instantly better. I roll my eyes when pundits talk about "travel" but it's rrreeeeaaaallllll.

To my great suprise, the Phobio trade-in process worked, albeit slowly. 12 days after originally visiting their website, I got a gift card for ~$500 for my little Macbook Air (that was originally payment-in-kind for something, so it felt free.) So I ordered another of the same, but 2 years newer and with a can't-possibly-be-worse keyboard. In 2005 I bought T the first of the Intel Macs; this'll be one of the last. So it goes.