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Radio Nachos 04

Rushed this one; it's slapdash. Getting better at normalizing (?) audio between bits, but the whole thing's too loud this time, I think? Bah. (I'll get sick of this whole project soon enough.)

  1. Charles Bradley "Changes" (feat. Nick Kroll)
  2. Cocteau Twins "Iceblink Luck"
  3. Slowdive "Star Roving"
  4. Public Broadcasting Unit "Gagarin"
  6. Trashcan Sinatras "Freetime"
  7. Mighty Lemon Drops "Inside Out"
  8. Inspiral Carpets "This is How It Feels"
  9. Housemartins, "Anxious"
  10. Hothouse Flowers, "Don't Go"
  12. Lone Justice, "Shelter"
  13. Kate Bush "Cloudbusting"
  14. Simple Minds "Theme for Great Cities"
  15. INNIT?
  16. Erasure "Heart of Stone"
  17. Depeche Mode "Two Minute Warning"
  18. Propaganda "Dual (Bittersweet)"
  19. Vangelis "Blade Runner Blues"
  21. Bryan Ferry "Don't Stop the Dance" (Special Extended Remix)
  22. Kiyotaka Sugiyama and Omega Tribe "Riverside Hotel"
  23. Gilberto Gil "Aos PΓ©s da Santa Cruz"
  24. Big Country "Just A Shadow"

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Homecoming sign on school fence

#adayinthelife #floridahigh

"Homecoming." The word itself still feels like autumn to me -- 🏈 at night, with blankets and hot chocolate. 30 years in FL, though... it's 90° and 90% humidity this week.

A day in the life

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This is a serious question, though I doubt anyone who sees this will be able to answer it.

Does Amazon pay for a live-look at conversations between Shipt shoppers and Shipt customers? This app notification happened during my Shipt conversation about the product. (I was stupid-lucky to have a second phone on the desk, to grab the photo.)

Chatting with Shipt on Mac; iPhone suddenly pops up an Amazon suggestionfor the item under discussion.

(To be clear, I'm not one of those people who thinks everything is always listening; I discount stories about "my wife and I discussed X and I was getting ads for X the next day," as mere coincidence/good-algos, not machine consipracy. But this... The logical conclusion is not "wild coincidence" but "algo working as expected," right?)

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self-referential graffiti

oh no not my nice clean hood

(I guarantee this was done by a rich kid who lives within a quarter-mile of this box.)

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why do I read Schneier first thing in the morning? :(

We have knowingly and willingly built the architecture of a police state, just so companies can show us ads. (And it is increasingly apparent that the advertising-supported Internet is heading for a crash.)

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NetGalley offered me a pre-publication copy of The Mission in exchange for an unbiased review. So:

I have been a legislative committee staffer. My spouse is a budgeteer for a government agency. The idea that I would read -- for pleasure! -- a book involving bureaucracy... committee hearings and budget meetings, office politics and "real" politics, would have seemed laughable. But here we are!

The Mission reveals the spirited "our project's dead/nope, back on again" struggle to launch a scientific mission to Jupiter's moon Europa, including pocket biographies of many of the researchers (and politicians) involved. Through shifting presidencies, priorities, and personalities, the Europa project's boosters fight to see it through. Will it lift?


It's written in the "creative nonfiction" style, of which I am not always a fan. Off the top of my head I can think of two books that I put down almost immediately, because the "creative" part of the C-N equation was off-the-rails, turning conference room meetings into Michael Bay movie explosions. I don't need that much emoting done for me. Tell me what's happening and I'll do the feelings-having. In any event, The Mission mostly avoids the over-the-top stuff. For people who think they'd like this sort of thing -- recommended.

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reading quick summary of SupCt argument about copyrighting APIs and it all just seems so stupid. Allowing API copyright is like allowing people to copyright their names; it breaks common sense communication.

Arguing that "API is code, this endangers all code copyrightability," is like arguing that the inability to copyright your name will lead to the loss of copyright on all written text. Gah.

Radio Nachos 03

Not sure if I like this one or not.

  1. Charles Bradley "Big Mouth" theme
  2. The Smiths "Big Mouth Strikes Again"
  3. Mallorcastlye Sclager Bierzelt Party (?), "Ein Prosit (Oktoberfest 2019 Mix)"
  4. Dream On, s03e01 (edit) (feat. Ronald Reagan)
  5. Harold Faltermeyer "Formula 1"
  6. Mario Kart 8 "Donut Plains"
  7. teeing off a STATION ID
  8. Vampire Weekend "Oxford Comma"
  9. Broken Social Scene "Love and Mathematics" (minor edit)
  10. Roxy Music "Avalon"
  11. Sufjan Stevens "Chicago"
  12. Joni Mitchell "Free Man in Paris"
  13. long iron STATION ID
  14. Housemartins "I Smell Winter"
  15. PIL "Happy?"
  16. Velocity Girl "Sorry Again"
  17. George Clinton "Atomic Dog" (edit)
  18. The Knife "Heartbeats" (edit)
  19. Fleetwood Mac "Big Love"
  20. New Order "Dreams Never End"
  21. birdie STATION ID
  22. David Bowie "Strangers When We Meet"
  23. Friday Night Plans "Plastic Love"
  24. Violent Femmes "Nightmares"
  25. New Pornographers "Whiteout Conditions"
  27. Metroid Prime Underwater Frigate (abused) (feat. OS X's Alex reading from TSR Module T-1, The Village of Hommlet)
  28. Tears For Fears "Elemental" (edit)
  29. Issa Bagayogo "Saye Mogo Bana" (edit)
  30. Fat Freddy's Drop "Midnight Marauders" (edit)
  31. Van Halen "Eruption" (in a 1981 arcade courtesy Andy Hofle)

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Paul Ford just tweeted about old-timey phrases and a website full of 'em, so I searched it for my favorite. Not found. So I searched all of google for it, and the only hit was me, saying it last year in a Metafilter thread about old-timey phrases. β†Ί