Jan 28 11:12

FM-84 - `Everything`

Since using a minute of this in that terrible voicemail mashup, I've been playing the whole album over and over

Jan 28 09:13


It's styled terribly, but I just added a sidebar of micro.blog posts to my main blog. Moved to 11ty at the beginning of the year but had not yet figured out a way to deal with title-less short posts. As a result, I wasn't writing any. I think my under-the-hood stuff is going to work; keeping the two types of posts in two separate lists, on the site, but mergeing them together into a single RSS feed that micro.blog can interpret correctly.

Alas, I have to test it to see what breaks (I'm mostly curious if title-less posts are going to show up correctly in m-b.). So this is the test.

(Also sorry for whatever this might do to your feed-reader. Really hope I'm not about to re-publishing 100s of posts... ☹️)

Jan 23 10:13

"...and get you arrested"

Fooling around with 11ty again and realized it can also be a quick-n-dirty podcast platform. I needed some audio tracks (since I'm not going to be an actual podcaster), so I dug out some goofs from last year. This one was pretty low-effort but it makes me laugh.

I might write up how I actually created the podcast feed in another post. It's really just a variant of their starter blog, but with a bunch of podcast XML instead of the (relatively) simpler feed XML in their sample. (There's a badly incomplete pod.xml feed on this blog too, actually. I might do some work to improve it now that I've made a marginally better one in a standalone repo.)

It's still at the point where you have to write the markdown file yourself, though. Would be fun to build a little node server with an HTML form in front of it, that took your text and audio file and spit out a markdown file with correct frontmatter/metadata. Hm.

album art - a vaporwave sunset

Avail this offer...

Jan 16 07:16

A brief NPM uninstall headache

It started with create-react-app telling me A template was not provided. This is likely because you're using an outdated version... Quick search and I learned that locally-installed CRA is now a bad idea; suggestion was to uninstall and, in lieu of upgrading, always rely on the npx create-react-app my-app command.

Okay but I tried a simple npm uninstall -g create-react-app and CRA was still local, somehow.

More searching... oho, it was a question of which create-react-app. Mine was in /usr/local/bin, not an npm folder somewhere. This comment got me to realize that I had a bunch of globally-installed packages under the "system" version of Node, back before I installed NVM and started relying on it.

So, nvm use system && npm ls -g --depth=0 told me what those packages were. Now that I was nvm useing the system version of Node instead of the latest, I could do a global uninstall of CRA and it actually disappeared from usr/local/bin.

For good measure, I deleted all the NPM stuff there; it was all years out of date anyway. A different SO answer gave me an awk command to tack on to the prior list command and delete everything at once: npm ls -gp --depth=0 | awk -F/ '/node_modules/ && !/\/npm$/ {print $NF}' | xargs npm -g rm


  • npm
  • nvm
  • node
  • create-react-app

Jan 15 10:41

Smallest CMS

Baby step towards a "real" CMS... building the minimumiest barely-viable-iest product. A basic HTML form with Title, Content, Tags, and optional Image uploader. If there's an image, it uses multer to save the image on my fileserver and returns the filename for that image. The rest of the data is returned as raw text in the browser, that I can paste into an empty markdown file.

Next step - have this barely-a-CMS save that raw text as a markdown file, in... I guess I should save it in the Github repo for the blog? And use a webhook to tell Netlify to re-build?

Jan 15 03:00

Song.link embeds

Inspired by a side project of Andy Bell's, I put together an 11ty shortcode for embeding odesli.co album links (that company was previously known as Song.link, which rolls off the tongue a lot better than Ode-Sly-Co.)

Been jamming to Brothertiger for the last week (I think I already mentioned it?) Just another test...