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A few months ago I aggregated several small Node apps into one, using ExpressJS to combine ~12 previously standalone little apps into their own routes from one server.js file. I wanted them to have different subdomains on, which meant several new Apache config directives and domain registrar entries.

I'm okay with that work for "larger" projects like but for very small projects, like a page with a few buttons to select between streaming radio stations... all of the ancillary work to turn that into a subdomain was a little much (esp. when multiplied).

This afternoon's project (which the laundry keeps going) is to re-re-configure the main node app. Instead of all these routes responding to subdomains, they're just going to be available at{project}. (Some already were.) This lets me keep noodling around, creating and deleting small projects, without adding more work to the Apache process and constantly forgetting the registrar domain-record step... πŸ™„ All Apache has to do is ProxyPass anything on /node to a local port.

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We would normally have a multihyphenate end-of-summer burgers-and-dogs Labor Day get-together at the house, inviting Terri's mom over, but given (a) the pandemic and (ii) her not feeling well, we're skipping it this year. Cheese plate and leftovers for lunch instead; spending the day on laundry-doing, house-cleaning, and yard-work. Some-Different-Labor-Today Day.

A first experiment in crossposting

For most of the twentyteens, I had a backup Tumblr blog that was an aggregator of Twitter "likes." I didn't want those ephemeral items on my main Tumblr, shoesandsocks, but thought it would be fun to collect them somewhere. I also occasionally used that backup account to reply to people who had replied to my main blog (before Tumblr had marginally-better commenting tools), hence the account name shoesandsocksreplies.

Given the Tumblr comment-system improvements and the fact that I completely pulled the plug on Twitter, that account hasn't seen any action in 2+ years. This morning I've changed the name and icon to match my personal blog at and am hoping to get automated cross-posting working, so that I can write once on my blog, but have it appear on Tumblr. (The Indieweb community has given this concept the acronym 'POSSE,' which... eh.)

I'm still split between two Tumblr accounts, but I'm not sure the folks who followed my "real" one, which is pretty light on posting-volume and mostly sticks to music links and the rare photo-while-dog-walking, signed on for all my other nonsense.

So, we'll see if this ends up on Something to fiddle with on a long weekend, anyway.

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big serving dish with 2 sad bell peppers

big serving dish with 2 small bell peppers and 3 big ramekins, all full of lentil chili

Stuffed Ramekin Peppers --> what happens when your stuffed-bell-peppers-for-dinner plan meets the these-peppers-are-mostly-grody-inside problem. (Yellow rescued from commercial pkg; the baby green one I pulled from the garden just to have anything on the other plate...)

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I'm perpetually 4 generations behind on cellphones but I got new AirPods Pro for my b'day. Happened to be walking past loud AC unit as I fit them for the first time. Holy smokes! Noise-cancellation isn't science, it's voodoo....

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Today's major excitement -- fooling with my netlify.toml file, setting more secure and/or responsible headers. Woop. (UPDATE: also adding an eleventy lazy-loading plugin. This is all lighthouse-testing driven.)