FM 100

One weekend in the mid-80s, Memphis radio station FM 100 came up with a promotion. They lined up a bunch of live-album tracks and pretended to be broadcasting from a concert festival. They pretended that the album tracks weren’t recorded live, but were actually happening live in the park downtown.

Not just playing the tracks, right? The really-live DJ’s were pretending. “I think I see Chicago waiting in the wings! Can’t wait for them to take the stage!”

I was 12 or 14 and it was among the stupidest things I’ve ever heard and it still is.

(The park is called “Tom Lee Park” and the town I live in now has a “Tom Brown Park” and I think of the former every time I see the latter and every time I think about Tom Lee Park I think about this stupid, stupid, “but that guy’s dead! This makes no sense!”, promotion.)

🎼 FM one HUN dred! 🎼

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