More old blog posts

Imported more posts from old blogs - I had forgotten about some of my experiments with IFTTT and Posterous/WordPress/Twitter. I think I’ve uncovered everything at this point - the Posterous posts up to 2010 seem to roll right into the earliest incarnation of my Tumblr account. (I vaguely recall @ihnatko praising Posterous over Tumblr, at the time. Then Posterous closed up shop.)

Again I redacted a bunch of posts that were sort-of political or heat-of-the-moment work-related. Not sure why I ever posted that junk. (Or anything. ha.)

Extracting posts from XML has been weirdly fun; using Node to write out individual Markdown files from the extracted text. (Helpful: XML2JS, Wordpress-to-Markdown, and the Node.JS docs.)

That said, I’ve now realized that I need to reconfigure the folder structure, in order to make my URLs sane. Right now I’ve got a combination of (1) subfolders with date-only and files therein, (2) subfolders with date-and-slug names and files therein, (3) top-level files with date-only, and (4) top-level files with date-and-slug. The URLs that result, when Gatsby builds the site, are a mess.

That’s today’s job - write a Node process that reads them all and writes out a standardized tree; I’m thinking the long day-and-name version that Wordpress offers (see) is the way to go. Basically /:year/:month/:day/:slug.

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