Feb 5 12:34 PM

A few years ago there was a fatal accident near our neighborhood; single-car into an electrical pole, driver killed on impact. The local paper's comment section was filled with tearful regrets on the loss of a wonderful person. Lots of religion and family.

I googled his name and the first result that wasn't a rehash of the original news article about his death was a page from his small business's website, in which he bragged repeatedly about his sports car and his excellent high-speed driving skills, "and if'n the law don't like it they can eat my goddam exhaust." (I paraphrase, but only slightly.)

It's not like I was going to go into the memorial-chat-thread and say "Actually your family member sounds like a menace and his reckless disregard for the road finally caught up with him. Glad no one from my family was between him and the pole he encountered."

It just... is what it is. Fictions of the bereaved.

Anyway a 32-year-old was killed last night after inexplicably running around on foot, on the interstate, after dark. I googled him and 6 or 7 years ago he was part of a multi-state felony-theft and burglary ring stretching from Apopka to PCB to Dothan.

I feel bad for the innocent driver who couldn't react in time. I probably won't go looking for the memorial tributes to his upstanding lifestyle and religious devotion.

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