Ideas I had while walking dog this week. (Disclaimer: I'm sure 100,000 people have already thought of these ideas. I know I'm not original.)

(1) This latest FB scandal with the spy-app, paying kids $20/mo to install it with the dev certificate... If that data is worth $20/mo, why don't they just sell FACEBOOK CLEAR for $20/mo? Zero ads, zero data collection (beyond what's needed to show your feed/wall/followers). Independent code audits to confirm. For free, you still get the current hellstorm. "We won't make money from ads!" Yeah, you'll make money from, like, money.

(2) Which leads to an even better idea: APPLE CLEAR. For $20/mo, Apple will use all available tools to completely black-hole Facebook from your Apple device experience. Apps not available, all known URLs controlled by FB or affiliates blackholed at the system level on all Apple devices connected to your account. If it breaks other apps, so be it. "But that's tortious interference with FB!" No it's not. Apple can do what it wants in its App Store; you don't have to buy this service.

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