Wed May 01 2019

What I read in April 📚

Non-fiction (tech):


Last month I said, "now at the end of the month I'm stuck in another long sci-fi novel that I'm not even enjoying. I may give up on it." And I did! It was a time-travel concept, and at one point the traveller got "dropped off" in the past. He found the digital macguffin and "sent it forward" to his own time, acknowledging that the transmission speed for that process was a matter of hours. Then a few pages later he's having a real-time full-duplex conversation with his "handler" up there in the future where his document is headed. If you can have a live chat, you should be able to send your email in a flash. Claude Shannon and whatnot. C'mon.

Anyway at the end of April I got 10% of the way through an absolute doorstop of a fantasy novel. I like it well enough but it may be something I read in bits and pieces over the course of a year. Feels like a broad pastiche of Arthur & Merlin/Fairies/Chronicles of Prydain/D&D/etc. Comfort food of a sort.

So, coming up: more Binti, a Claude Shannon bio (speaking of), another Alastair Reynolds paperweight, maybe more of this fantasy stuff...