Mon May 13 2019

What can you do with a $5/mo Linode server?

Everything currently running in screens on my Linode server

all the active subdomains on, according to my DNS provider

(note-to-self: c.f. /var/www/*)

…all that and the self-hosted Wordpress on the main domain, where I intend to post all of this info when I’m done typing it up.

(oh and also a dashboard thing that might not be 100% secure so I’m not mentioning it. Ironically, it's the one thing I do actually use every day.)

To Do

If I get super-motivated, I'll take all the other little apps and services I've got running on Heroku, Glitch, et al, and move them over to Linode, too. No more waiting for the micropub endpoint, indieauth service, or Stripe backend to "warm up" from hibernation.