New Blog for 2020

Learning my way around Gatsby and Netlify (if only the basics/intermediates) was a pretty big part of my 2019. An important thing I learned way way too late was: keep your images and videos out of your repo. Hosting a blog via GitHub and Netlify is clever/convenient/neat-o, but when you've got a gig's worth of photos and videos not being compressed and resized and all that jazz... you'll end up overwhelming the (amazing free) tools.

The other major thing I did in 2019 was digging in to ApolloGraphQL. In particular, building was a big lift. I'm sure I over-engineered it in some places and made naïve[1], beginner-error mistakes in others.

Anyway, it's time for a much-simpler blog, so I'm going to try to archive the '18-'19 one in place, and level this new one in, next to it, without destroying the old URLs. We'll see how that goes.

So, here's 2020 and here's a super-simple 11ty blog.

  1. "Most of the English-speaking world finds the diaeresis inessential." - Merriam-Webster ↩︎

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