Catching up

New blogging setup doesn't have an automated posting method, yet. (I need to tweak my previous micropub "mini-cms" setup, or better yet, find one in the community that actually works correctly.)

For the time being I have to open the 2020 repo and create .md files directly, to make new posts. Not difficult but just enough of a speedbump to prevent me from posting frequently. As a result, I've been building up a small backlog of "things I might post about". Where? In Apple Messages to myself, of course. So intuitive.

The list right now:

  • Some thoughts on why I shut down my Twitter and Insta accounts the other day, pretty much at random and with no thought for consequences.

  • A link to an article at CSS Wizardry I liked about CSS and networking, even though I only read half of it.

  • A reminder that Bloom County is still around; because it's based on FB now, I lost track of it after it's new debut, but saw a recent reminder that it's a few days' delayed on Go Comics, so still readable by non-FBers. Apparently B.B. just wrapped up another tear-jerker story arc for the end of year/holidays link.

  • An article about ambient music in the Guardian with some links I wanted to check out and haven't yet.

  • A note-to-self to post the audio clip of Mom explaining what that little carved troll is, that I posted on Insta a couple of weeks ago. (Oh, and which is gone now because see bullet one. Oops.)

  • A note-to-self: "You're drinking a beer in the garage; looking at the wall and realizing your TN-issued UF plate is now old enough to drink."

  • A bitcoin wallet address (Not for blogging, just needed to copy-paste it from here to there and Messages was the quickest way. I own, like, 2% of a bitcoin. Wow.)

  • notes