"...and get you arrested"

Fooling around with 11ty again and realized it can also be a quick-n-dirty podcast platform. I needed some audio tracks (since I'm not going to be an actual podcaster), so I dug out some goofs from last year. This one was pretty low-effort but it makes me laugh.

I might write up how I actually created the podcast feed in another post. It's really just a variant of their starter blog, but with a bunch of podcast XML instead of the (relatively) simpler feed XML in their sample. (There's a badly incomplete pod.xml feed on this blog too, actually. I might do some work to improve it now that I've made a marginally better one in a standalone repo.)

It's still at the point where you have to write the markdown file yourself, though. Would be fun to build a little node server with an HTML form in front of it, that took your text and audio file and spit out a markdown file with correct frontmatter/metadata. Hm.

album art - a vaporwave sunset

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