Whole Foods/Amazon delivery excitement

monopoly card reading "bank error in your favor"

I hadn't taken advantage of Amazon Prime's Whole Foods grocery-delivery perk. (When the prices are better at Publix, you are too expensive for me.) They sent me a $5 coupon yesterday, which I took as a sign that they don't feel their system is over-burdened. I really wanted some fresh veggies and a few other things, so I filled a cart with ~$100 worth of stuff.

When I went to check out, the "delivery windows" for the day (and the subsequent day, today), were filled. I couldn't move past the penultimate screen. There was a note suggesting that new "windows" are released periodically throughout the day, so I set a reminder to ding every half-hour. I reloaded the screen 4 or 5 times throughout the morning, and around lunchtime there was suddenly an opening from 2p-4p. I grabbed it and hit "Checkout."

A young woman delivered the goods on-time. Everything seemed fine, except I was missing one item -- a $4 case of seltzer. No big deal at all; I was so pleased with the process I was prepared to just let it slide without mentioning. An hour later I got an email from Amazon apologizing for the "incomplete delivery." They said they'd process a refund in "3 to 5 days." Okay, that's fine, I wasn't even going to mention it!

This morning (18 hours later?), I got an email regarding my refund of $100, and a detailed breakdown of every item, now marked as "returned by customer." Returned? Most of these items are in the freezer or the crisper; what return?

I'd crack a joke about keeping the $100, but who knows what this system will do next?

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