Commute Replacer™

Some podcast talk the last few weeks about people who actually miss their daily commute. Or, if they're not "missing" it exactly, they're having trouble replacing some of the small things that a commute enabled -- a liminal space, a hype-up between home and work, a decompression zone between work and home, a chance to catch up on podcasts (listenership seems to be down, apparently?), a chance to scream at the top of one's lungs for a while...

Obvious solution, for those with a basement or 2-story home... buy yourself an old sit-down arcade cabinet and retrofit it to resemble your preferred vehicle interior, then tuck the whole thing under the stairs, behind a door. Steering wheel, cupholder/console to the side, a dock for your phone somewhere in front, a pre-recorded video of your commute (or whatever!) on the screen.

Get your coffee and briefcase, walk over to the closet under the stairs, and climb in for 20 minutes. It's something less than an isolation-chamber, but does enough to divide work from home. (Maybe. I dunno.)

a pole position sit-down cabinet

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