Shrimp, Wine, Perfume, Poison

This just happened to me for the second time. The first time was… within the last year or 2? Later than 2017, I’m certain.

Dinner: frozen cooked shrimp from Publix, quickly defrosted and put in fridge while I roasted some veggies. Heinz ketchup and prepared horseradish mixed together for cocktail sauce. A cheap pinot noir and ice water on the table.

At the end of the meal I had the last swig of wine from my glass and my mouth turned to poison — like someone sprayed a giant squirt of perfume into my mouth. I’m sure I’d had a mouthful of wine after eating shrimp & cocktail sauce, during the meal. (In other words, I didn't eat my whole meal, then drink my wine.) I don’t know if it was literally the last shrimp that did it or a prior one, but something in one of the shrimp did something terrible, chemically, to my palette.

I found a post on Reddit from about a year ago (2019) where someone else had the same phenomenon. He focuses on something in the cocktail sauce and/or the pinot noir, but I’m confident it’s the shrimp. It's also alcohol generally — I tried a sip of another wine and it’s still happening; I had a half-shot of rum and it’s still happening.

It’s some nightmare chemical in chain-grocery-store-sourced shrimp, I’m sure. The previous time it happened it went away the next day, but still. Blargh.

Anyway I can’t comment on the Reddit post because ARCHIVED so I’m writing this up, here.

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