The steady drumbeat of unintended consequences continues. A note from our HOA, about our (expensive, once-experienced) landscaping company:

All Pro Update: Like many other companies, All Pro has been heavily affected by COVID this year. Many crew members are hired by All Pro through H-2B work visas. When COVID hit, the H-2B work visas were no longer being issued and a large portion of All Pro’s experienced crew were unable to return to work for the 2020 season. This has caused an immense staffing strain that continues today. All Pro has been working diligently to hire employees, who may not all have landscape experience, and properly training them as the working conditions in SouthWood can be a steep learning curve. The staff on site walk, on average, 7 miles a day in a heat index that recently peaked at 119 degrees. This can present many challenges for new crew members learning a complicated property. We are currently doing our best to make sure that everything is taken care of up to the SouthWood standards, and are very grateful for your patience as we continue to overcome the challenges presented by COVID.