A first experiment in crossposting

For most of the twentyteens, I had a backup Tumblr blog that was an aggregator of Twitter "likes." I didn't want those ephemeral items on my main Tumblr, shoesandsocks, but thought it would be fun to collect them somewhere. I also occasionally used that backup account to reply to people who had replied to my main blog (before Tumblr had marginally-better commenting tools), hence the account name shoesandsocksreplies.

Given the Tumblr comment-system improvements and the fact that I completely pulled the plug on Twitter, that account hasn't seen any action in 2+ years. This morning I've changed the name and icon to match my personal blog at rich-text.net and am hoping to get automated cross-posting working, so that I can write once on my blog, but have it appear on Tumblr. (The Indieweb community has given this concept the acronym 'POSSE,' which... eh.)

I'm still split between two Tumblr accounts, but I'm not sure the folks who followed my "real" one, which is pretty light on posting-volume and mostly sticks to music links and the rare photo-while-dog-walking, signed on for all my other nonsense.

So, we'll see if this ends up on rich-text.tumblr.com. Something to fiddle with on a long weekend, anyway.