I went into a retail store today for the first time since mid-March. I've been irritated at paying for 2L bottles of Publix club soda with a delivery charge on top, so I went to BB&B to swap out two 60L Sodastream bottles that've been empty since April.

  • Pro: Other than the 2 college girls strolling out as I went in, everyone had masks on... and "everyone" was like, 3 shoppers and 2 employees.
  • Con: BB&B seems to have added more things to touch. Like, if I said they made me T-9 a Shakespearean sonnet on the payment pad, I'd only be exaggerating a little. (Sorry, RLB7@G..., you're getting email from BB&B now.)
  • Wash: I called ahead! "Before I drive up there, do you have these?" "Oh yah, limit 3." "That's okay I only have 2 to swap." "Oh yah, sure." Reader, they had exactly 3 on a middle shelf; the rest of the huge endcap display was empty. Bullet dodged, for... uh, someone.

(And then on the way home I pulled into the Gate and there was no one waiting in line so I ran in and asked the guy if I could swap a Blue Rhino propane tank and also was it a problem if my old one was literally 15 years old and he said "I dunno!", grabbed his keys, and we went out to the rack of tanks and he swapped me out, so I'm ready to grill outside again, after 15 years. (I bought a little tabletop LP grill from Amazon last week, and an adapter to use big-boy tanks instead of those "disposable" one-pounders.))