Radio Nachos 02

The volume's not well normalized or whatever, on this one. Sorry. (Will definitely be experimenting further with automated readings from Hommlet. ⚔️)

  1. Propaganda "Abuse"
  2. INXS "Do Wot You Do"
  3. Stereolab "Miss Modular"
  4. Passengers/Eno "A Different Kind of Blue"
  5. Cliff Martinez "All We Did Is Eat The Pellets"
  7. Exploding Flowers "Stumbling Blocks"
  8. Silencers "Painted Moon"
  9. Chris Isaak "Gone Ridin'"
  10. Robert Palmer "Riptide (reprise)" (edit)
  11. GALAGA 25¢
  12. Joan Armatrading "Drop the Pilot"
  13. Eddy Kenzo "Mbilo Mbilo"
  14. Book of Love "Boy"
  15. Voodooist Corporation "Queen of Voudou" (edit)
  16. CQ
  17. Astrid Engberg "Daylight" (edit)
  18. MJ Guider "Cherry Bell Blacktop"
  19. Slowdive "Souvlaki Space Station"
  20. SEATBELTS "Tank!"
  21. BEACON
  22. Sofa Lofa "Magic Shopkeeper" (edit) (feat. Daniel reading an excerpt from TSR Module T-1, "The Village of Hommlet")
  23. Katie Dey "Unkillable"
  24. The New Pornographers "Champions of Red Wine"
  25. Ryan Paris "La Dolce Vita"
  26. Innoventions Plaza (edit)
  27. Dead Milkmen "Somewhere Over Antarctica" (версия)