Radio Nachos 03

Not sure if I like this one or not.

  1. Charles Bradley "Big Mouth" theme
  2. The Smiths "Big Mouth Strikes Again"
  3. Mallorcastlye Sclager Bierzelt Party (?), "Ein Prosit (Oktoberfest 2019 Mix)"
  4. Dream On, s03e01 (edit) (feat. Ronald Reagan)
  5. Harold Faltermeyer "Formula 1"
  6. Mario Kart 8 "Donut Plains"
  7. teeing off a STATION ID
  8. Vampire Weekend "Oxford Comma"
  9. Broken Social Scene "Love and Mathematics" (minor edit)
  10. Roxy Music "Avalon"
  11. Sufjan Stevens "Chicago"
  12. Joni Mitchell "Free Man in Paris"
  13. long iron STATION ID
  14. Housemartins "I Smell Winter"
  15. PIL "Happy?"
  16. Velocity Girl "Sorry Again"
  17. George Clinton "Atomic Dog" (edit)
  18. The Knife "Heartbeats" (edit)
  19. Fleetwood Mac "Big Love"
  20. New Order "Dreams Never End"
  21. birdie STATION ID
  22. David Bowie "Strangers When We Meet"
  23. Friday Night Plans "Plastic Love"
  24. Violent Femmes "Nightmares"
  25. New Pornographers "Whiteout Conditions"
  27. Metroid Prime Underwater Frigate (abused) (feat. OS X's Alex reading from TSR Module T-1, The Village of Hommlet)
  28. Tears For Fears "Elemental" (edit)
  29. Issa Bagayogo "Saye Mogo Bana" (edit)
  30. Fat Freddy's Drop "Midnight Marauders" (edit)
  31. Van Halen "Eruption" (in a 1981 arcade courtesy Andy Hofle)