With a Linode-hosted Wordpress instance, feat. SemPress & all the indieweb plugins... Sunlit fails 95% of the time. ("The network connection was lost.") Troubleshooting, I uninstalled both it and M.b app. On reinstall of latest (383) -- I can't get it or M.b app to accept endpoint (XML-RPC something error).

I feel like I just don't belong in this club.


@richText I'm sure its my fault somehow, an Apache config set wrong, a RAM-constrained "Nano"-level server @ linode, whatever.

@richText This don’t sound like amusing work, exactly…

I see that Micro.Blog runs on NGINX, maybe it’s easier to configure, (I have no experience with it)? @help

@richText Is Sunlit prompting for your WordPress username and password? It doesn't actually use any of the IndieWeb plugins in WordPress by default unless you have XML-RPC disabled. Often there is some WordPress plugin that is interfering. Send screenshots and the URL to help@micro.blog and I can investigate.

@help oh geez, immediate problem solved with addition of trailing-slash to my domain. Photo uploads with m.b app now work, which is most of the job done. Sunlit still mostly fails with "The network connection was lost." (The photo always makes it to the WP media folder; something goes sideways after that point.) Was really just grousing to myself; didn't mean to take up your time! Will explore toggling off plugins, see if anything changes...