Radio Nachos 09

Heavy on the ham. Also I skipped the internal tags; that process takes a long time for little effort (I think I'm using the tool wrong.)

  1. BBC2
  2. Apollo Cobra "Hold On" (feat. 7325 kHz)
  3. Station Commentary
  4. The Cure "2 Late"
  5. True West "Look Around" (feat 2226 kHz)
  6. Carlos Vives, Shakira "La Bicicleta" (edit; captured via radio)
  7. Quel Monde! Station ID (feat. Judge John Hodgman)
  8. Sparkling "I Want to See Everything"
  9. Namco "Mappy (Bonus Round)"
  10. Martin Dupont "Inside Out"
  11. Omnibus Project episode 333 ("Two Peas" edit)
  12. Spoon "The Underdog"
  13. Voxtrot "Raised by Wolves"
  14. Biff Bang Pow! "There Must Be A Better Life"
  15. Global Station ID
  16. Two Door Cinema Club "Undercover Martyn"
  17. The Shins "Phantom Limb"
  18. The Sleep of Reason "Shelters Are Melting"
  19. Roderick on the Line ep. 127 ("Ham Radio" edit)
  20. Random tuner sampling (feat. BBC News and CRI)
  21. Mark Cooksey for Atari "Paperboy (Main Theme)" (feat. RotL 127, "Phone Wires and El Caminos")
  22. The Wake "Give Up"
  23. Lloyd Cole and the Commotions "Charlotte Street"
  24. M83 "Midnight City"
  25. Feelies "The Boy With The Perpetual Nervousness" (feat. CLI voices)
  26. Jeremy Soule for Oblivion "The Watchman's Ease" (feat "Pork Chops for Hands" and phone spam)