Amazon buying MGM further cements my belief that Apple should buy Comcast - shove NBC and Universal into their monthly-fee offering, and take the entire continent-wide physical network private, disconnected from the internet. (While they're at it, take the phone app out of the iPhone. It's all 'calling to give you one last chance to extend your auto warranty' anyway.) AppleTalk (update: I mean FaceTime) and Messages are all you need. Walled gardens are in.

AOL - Apple OnLine.

Public Motto: The open internet is dangerous. Apple OnLine is safe, and has all your favorite (verified, paying protection) apps!

(Real Motto: Apple OnLine... because the internet is for poors.)

@JohnPhilpin Imagine if every lousy subcontractor who ever slapped a magnet on their pickup and rolled out to a Comcast support call were instead a trained Apple Genius! (This is all ridiculous; just a mental exercise)

@richText one of the most respected companies on the planet buying ine if the least - now there’s a culture clash!