a random, unfinished thought from someone who has barely invested any time in the MCU or Star Wars entertainments created after 1992:

In the mid-1980s, before it became 100% tween dreck, the Disney Channel had a family-friendly riff on MTV called "DTV." They mashed together shorts from Mickey & Minnie, the Chipmunks, Donald and the nephews, the whole shebang, and ran them back to back to back with bits of music and commercials in between. I was the age where you'd die rather than be caught watching DTV with your parents and your little brother, but we did watch it, a lot, that year or two. (There was also a "Leave It To Beaver" update with the whole cast. So weird!)

So what. So I think about Mickey and Pluto and Donald and I think "random cartoons." I don't think of a "canon" or a time-sensitive viewing-order. These media properties had already existed for decades, and I don't think there was ever an over-arching story (right?) They're just light entertainments.

The Simpsons many years ago reached this point. Even though the characters don't age, if you hold the first X seasons in your head, there is a sort-of canon. Grandpa was in WWII, Homer was in high-school in the 70s. ("...we stayed up listening to Queen/when I was seventeen") There were episodes that played with alternatives (the Friends one comes to mind. Barf.) but there was a backstory, destined to crumble over decades.

I think MCU and Star Wars and every other megahuge property will similarly get pulverized until they're all just interchangeable bits of DTV. But what do I know. Β―\_(ツ)_/Β―

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