Too many open tabs, I've lost track of how I ended up reading this, "The Internet is not broken. People are." (although I think "broken" isn't exactly the right word.)

The web can be a lonely place at times. You create a site, you push it online and then... what? What happens next? Nothing. Nothing is probably what happens next.

whooosh, that cuts close!

No one can amass million of followers on a person[al] blog in a matter of weeks. [...] And that's why most people don't go down the personal site path. Most people are not chasing freedom of expression. They're chasing fame.

not sure if fame is exactly the right word either (for most people; some, for sure!), but it's close enough.

@richText It's only kinda-sorta related but I also just stumbled across a series of EFF posts about the "public interest internet" and friend-os, If you want to instantly marginalize and doom something to steerage class, definitely slap "public-interest" on it as an adjective.