Screenshot of HomePod control saying it’s playing and not playing

Unlike Arthur and the spaceship Heart of Gold, this HomePod can have tea and no tea.

(Yes I’m trying it again. Yes it’s a ducking mess again.)

(“But I didn’t say ducking… I said THE word…”)

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@richText I swear Apple has assigned some of these projects to the intern baby ducklings with no supervision.

@fgtech some more fooling around today and it’s POSSIBLE that my problems are, for whatever reason, my eero routers’ problem. It’s as if the speaker is on WiFi, but not visible to other machines; Bluetooth “visibility” is 50/50 at any moment for any given device. When it works it’s great!

@richText Fair enough, but a properly-built display would never show what you’re seeing. Error handling is not high on Apple’s list of software priorities of late.