whoa wait where's the water

Earlier in the summer I restocked our emergency supplies, including bulk drinking water. I didn't want to put a bunch of varied-but-always-thin plastic containers (little bottles, big bottles, jerrycan-sized plastic jugs) in the broiling-hot garage, so I piled everything up in the spare BR closet. Stupidly stacked two (2) 2.5-gallon Publix spring-waters on top of each other.

Of course a pinhole opened up in the bottom one, at a bottom-facing seam where the container was glued together (or however they're constructed -- looks melt-y/glue-y). Over some period of time all 2.5 gallons trickled into the carpet. It must've been slow or I'd have seen/felt a wet spot, which I never did; this closet is about 5 feet from the desk at which I sit every day.

When I finally noticed, there was just the slightest hint of dampness in the back corner of the closet, 5 or 6 inches from where they'd been stacked. No smell, no mold, no mildew, no bubbles in the baseboard, nothing seems to be crawling up the drywall.

Dodged a wet bullet, I guess. As soon as the garage gets down under 120Β°F in the afternoons, I'm moving all this stuff out there. (where something else dumb will happen, probably. πŸ˜†)

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