Yesterday I screenshared into Mom's computer to help her with a password problem. Noticed that she was on Mojave and it wanted her to upgrade to Big Sur. Started that process; 12 hours later it's still stuck on the boot-screen loading bar. Why do I do this to myself? She's 5 hours from an Apple Store. Am I gonna drive 3 hours to her house, to boot this goddam thing in safe mode? If Apple can't get this right, can anyone?

@richText My mum's iMac is still on Mojave, and apparently there have been multiple reports of problems upgrading from that to Big Sur. :( Thankfully we're in the same house, so no commute, but I'm tempted to either leave it be or try upgrading it to Catalina instead.

@wearsmanyhats i was too dumb to check ahead of time; just clicked the โ€œUpgradeโ€ button. ๐Ÿ˜ฉ