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all those podcast ads for Slack, they never mention the astonishing brainstorming features…

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To note the end of GOT, here is my Game of Thrones anecdote.

It’s the year 2000. I’ve probably seen A Game of Thrones on bookshelves at Barnes & Noble and Borders. I haven’t bought it yet. I probably will. I like that sort of thing.º

I’m dating a physical therapist (N.M.) who lives in a rental house in S Tampa with another woman (K.something). K has a bunch of gym-rat friends who hang out at their house all the time.ª One of these dude-bros thinks he’s Hiro Protagonist from “Snow Crash” – the Japanese motorcycle, an unnerving interest in katanas, works “in I.T.” (read: manages an Outlook server for the hospital on Davis Islands).

So this broheim, for whatever reason, is really pushing NM to read this book that he says is amazing. This is weird mainly because NM is clearly not “a reader.” There are no books in their house. Cosmo magazines, yes. Jewel and Vertical Horizon and Matchbox 20 CDs, yes. Books, no.

So I see it on her floor one evening. I guess she’s giving it a shot? I ask what she thinks. 

“It’s like, page after page of made-up names. It’s terrible.”

Given my bona fides, you’d think I’d push back a little,ˆ but nah. I skipped it. Books, TV, breathless commentary about the TV, angry tweets about the breathless commentary, “I don’t care” tweets about the angry tweets… skipped it all!

Anyway, now that the TV show is over and you have a fantasy-shaped hole in your Sunday nights, you should read @annleckie‘s “The Raven Tower.”


º I read tons of fantasy fiction as a kid:  the Chronicles of Prydain, the Wrinkle in Time books, The Dark is Rising sequence, Tolkien, repeatedly. Plenty of standalone books with swords and dragons; several of those pretty-lousy D&D tie-in series. (I even remember some of the ones I tried and couldn’t get into — Dragonriders of Pern and Earthsea in particular.)

In 9th grade, I did a huge year-long project on the Arthurian legend. I have this weird memory that seems like it comes out of a New England prep school — sitting in a library on a snowy day, reading Malory’s Le Morte D’Arthur. But… I’ve only been to New England once? And I was 35? And saw Cheap Trick open for Squeeze?

I got more into science-fiction than fantasy, after high school, but eventually got into The Wheel of Time series; If I remember my timelines, Harry Potter exploded (book 3? 4?) around the time I got out of grad school, ’98-’99. Sure it’s kid stuff, but I like everything good in this genre, and maybe some of the dreck. Gimme more. 

ª I had already split up with NM and moved to Tallahassee by the time I realized that both she and K were sleeping with at least half these dudes, the whole time. 🤷🏻‍♂️

ˆ Say, “Made-up names are like 5% of the fun of fantasy novels! 25% if there’s a whole grammar and history in the made-up parts!” maybe.

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@mtklr got me thinking about it and I think it was 911. It was in actual downtown, not Ybor. I could find out for sure if I dusted off my FB password and tracked down Holly ____ (who is, I’m told, is mediating the ongoing drama between my Van Houten and my ex that he dated for about 3 weeks last summer.)

Another song that I can pin to that night, whatever the place was called:

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now playing

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remember that time your friends took you a club in an alley in downtown Tampa and you thought for sure there was no way they were gonna let a bunch of underage college kids in but they did?

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