November 12, 2019

weathermap of storm almost here

c’mon, arctic blast. faster, faster!

November 12, 2019

screenshot of twitter convo regarding lovelorn AI sending mixtapes

I never jump into strangers’ convos but I really want to reply to this.

”Wintermute ♥ Molly”

November 06, 2019

screenshot of search results for


Update: today’s word is apparently stick so… where did I get the idea that it was family? Cripes I’m bad at this. I’ll never stick with it. (zing)

(This shouldn’t even count. Screenshots aren’t ”blogging.” But like someone else just posted, I don’t tend to type much about family. Now, the Loud Family, that’s another story… 🤟🏼.)


November 06, 2019

hoodoo gurus screenshot



November 02, 2019

blade runner title screen in Glorydays font

had to break the capitalization rule but… worth it.

October 24, 2019

a big box with a tiny sleeve of coin-cell batteries in it

I needed a pair of 1616 coin batteries for the key fobs to the CR-V so I added a 5-pack to an existing Amazon order.

Amazon shipped them separately, in a huge empty box. (The box chosen, I think, because it was big enough for the Lithium: May Explode! warning sticker.)

I know everything about Amazon is terrible, but this seemed particularly terrible for whatever reason. ”The next time I need something like this, I’m going to walk up to the convenience store; even if it costs a buck more, it has to be better than an empty box shipped cross-country.”

The next time turned out to be just a week later, when (weird!) one of the key fobs to the Mazda started failing. I’ve got 1616s and 2032s, but not 2025s (and the Mazda forums suggest the clearance inside the fob is too tight to squeeze a -32 into it).

So I walked up to CVS, only to discover that they want $7.50 for a single battery. I walked back home and ordered 10 for $5.

Sorry everybody.

October 21, 2019

auto-generated description; it's probably the dog

Booked another half-day this week at Camp Mojo’s. Worth it just for the photos.


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