Feb 19 10:29

“Hardcover reprint”? Spam bros, I’ve got an original sitting here on the shelf, along with 9 other years, debating trashing all of them to save space, and you’re shilling “hardcover reprints”?!

spam email screenshot

Feb 18 07:43



up hose

Feb 17 10:54

There usedta be a lake here. Not cool, earth.

drying lakebed

Feb 16 10:09

G taking a rest

little white dog

Feb 16 03:16

I got nuthin’ for balance today, so here’s a photo of the enormous GR I’m dog sitting for the day/night. Photo doesn’t do him justice; I walk home to my 70 lb dog who suddenly seems tiny after playing with this big boy.


Feb 15 01:31


curled up dog

Feb 13 10:04

One way to rise is to do a mountain of cocaine and play the trumpet on the beach, Pied Piper to the scantily-clad of L.A.

Herb Alpert album cover for Rise

Feb 12 11:07

Puppy Rey and I have an attachment.

dog draped on my head

Feb 11 11:28

This cat’s out here in plain sight...

grey cat in yard