Mar 31 2:07 PM

A thing I have learned about wearing 'good' headphones while working ("working") for the last two weeks: You don't hear your laptop fan screaming, so the death-whoosh and restart is that much more unexpected...

Mar 29 7:00 PM

even the geese are hanging out alone

One goose

Mar 29 11:21 AM

don’t leave me standing here/I can’t get used to this life styyyyylllle

sandy scrubland

Mar 28 9:31 AM

screenshot of "no camera attached" error

...followed by this, on a freshly-rebooted (against my will) MacBook Air.

Mar 28 9:08 AM

screenshot of crash report

(After screenshotting it occurred to me that the OS was called "Microsoft Bob." I can make tremendous mistakes, too.)

Mar 27 4:20 PM

I don't see this anywhere after a lot of fruitless searching so here:

If you're using express-formidable and you get "Error: ENOENT: no such file or directory..." try fooling with the relative path of your uploadDir. Using multer my upload path of /uploads was fine; copying that over gave me errors. I swapped things around and ended up using ${__dirname}/uploads instead.

Mar 27 1:24 PM

I was right about doubles. I got the webmention script working, used the @puppyrey micro.blog account to reply to @rich_text, and the resulting reply appeared both in the conversation.js script (an internal-to-m.b thing), and in the webmentions. Next step; contemplate filtering those; also figuring out how to get webmentions on-the-fly instead of only at build-time (which I can do, for conversations; same pattern might work...).

screenshot of comment appearing twice on blog

Mar 26 2:35 PM

As I mentioned here, I implemented micro.blog's conversation.js to display comments on my blog. Today I've been trying to get my head around Webmentions, and I see that "When you use Micro.blog to reply... Micro.blog will send a Webmention for that post if it is hosted outside of Micro.blog..." So if I implement WM correctly, I might get some comments 2x - in my "Conversation: " div and my "Webmentions: " div. A problem I hope to have, then solve.

(This is also a test.)

Mar 26 10:05 AM

random: can you send a webmention to your own post? Probably, right? Why would it not work?

(This is a test)

Mar 25 2:06 PM

It's already so hot, I have to take a bottle of ice with me when I walk the doofus at mid-morning.