As I mentioned here, I implemented's conversation.js to display comments on my blog. Today I've been trying to get my head around Webmentions, and I see that "When you use to reply... will send a Webmention for that post if it is hosted outside of" So if I implement WM correctly, I might get some comments 2x - in my "Conversation: " div and my "Webmentions: " div. A problem I hope to have, then solve.

(This is also a test.)


I was right about doubles. I got the webmention script working, used the @puppyrey account to reply to @rich_text, and the resulting reply appeared both in the conversation.js script (an internal-to-m.b thing), and in the webmentions. Next step; contemplate filtering those; also figuring out how to get webmentions on-the-fly instead of only at build-time (which I can do, for conversations; same pattern might work...).

screenshot of comment appearing twice on blog