Right now?

Re-doing the blog for 2019, clearing out the cruft; resetting projects. Reading more, coding more, social-media-ing less.

January 9, 2019

Previously right now

Fooling with servers; recently started an instance of CentOS on Linode. It began simply as a Wordpress install, but over the last few weeks I've migrated some other tools and toys over to it, and added a number of Apache config files to route them all correctly.

(The primary takeaway from this work has been a new appreciation of how incredibly simple sites like Heroku and Netlify have made project and website hosting. But knowing how to do things "the old way" is still useful, hopefully.)

Lately, fooling with GatsbyJS (ex., this blog) and Stripe payment tools. Recently, both goofy and useful bots for Slack and Twitter, built on top of MongoDB services -- both REST and GraphQL backends. Everything's Javascript, nearly everything's React. Previously, completed the original/v1 curriculum for FreeCodeCamp.

At home, my stepson's in college, a senior at Flagler's Tallahassee campus; the puppy isn't yet 2; the Christmas tree is up. New appliances for the kitchen were on Santa's list and they arrived a month early.

Monday, November 26, 2018.