What's this?

Right now?

We have COVID-19. (Barely any symptoms.)

August 10, 2021

Previously right now

Brandon's came home for a couple of months between apartments. Terri went back to work, at her new office location. Mom and Marshall plugging away. Lee's back in NYC in a Manhattan highrise.

The neighborhood continues to change; to feel like a different place, but there doesn't seem to be anywhere to move to.

We hit a significant financial milestone about 4 weeks ago; some other $hake-ups are on the table. I'm starting to think driving an Uber could be reasonably interesting; it seems like nothing else is likely to work out.

Blogwise, I just skinned it with a really tacky `Summer of '85` theme for the Fourth.

July 3, 2021

Brandon's already got a new job and Terri's still WFH'ing from the hallway-office. I'm still in the bedroom.

Mom and Marshall about the same. Lee's leaving NYC for Vermont.

Moving is again not looking like a real thing, but the neighborhood has changed so much in the last year or so, it doesn't seem like the same place...

January 1, 2021

Re-doing the blog for Q3 2020. (Ha.) Brandon's job is okay, though he's cooped up in his apartment most of the time, WFH-ing. Terri's doing the same from my old 'office' and I'm in the bedroom with my computer gear.

Mom and Marshall seem to be okay. Lee spent months at Mom's but has recently returned to NYC.

We just repainted the front half of the interior and got a new fence, etc. Moving is starting to look like a real thing we might do.

Thinking about improvements to colorshare.club, wondering if there's anything to the podcast japes we were working on earlier in the year...

August 4, 2020

Re-doing the blog for 2020 using eleventy. Session starts in a few days for T. B's starting a job in Jacksonville next week. Big changes coming here at the beginning of 2020.

December 29, 2019

Spent the summer on colorshare.club and improving Wordpress and Gatsby blogs. Currently, setting up for xmas and re-doing puppyrey.online. Adding lots of one-off projects to pineandvine.com and trying to write more.

Brandon's about to graduate, assuming he doesn't sleep through the afternoon ceremony.

December 1, 2019

Just published a series of news aggregation sites relating to Florida State government, on the agencynews.org domain I bought on a whim. I started with DCF and expanded from there while I built up the site template with Gatsby & Netlify. I hope to roll out a dozen or more further agencies, and find a way to get more content, not just first-hundred-character summaries I'm getting from an automated google search.

I'm halfway through a '100 Days of Swift' project hosted by hackingwithswift.com. I'm excited at how much I've picked up already, while acknowledging that there's still a long way to go.

Brandon's finishing up his last Spring Break of college, Terri's halfway through Session. The dog can reliably fetch the paper off the front lawn without running off.

March 24, 2019

Re-doing the blog for 2019, clearing out the cruft; resetting projects. Reading more, coding more, social-media-ing less.

January 9, 2019

Fooling with servers; recently started an instance of CentOS on Linode. It began simply as a Wordpress install, but over the last few weeks I've migrated some other tools and toys over to it, and added a number of Apache config files to route them all correctly.

The primary takeaway from this work has been a new appreciation of how incredibly simple sites like Heroku and Netlify have made project and website hosting. But knowing how to do things "the old way" is still useful, hopefully.

Lately, fooling with GatsbyJS (ex., this blog) and Stripe payment tools. Recently, both goofy and useful bots for Slack and Twitter, built on top of MongoDB services -- both REST and GraphQL backends. Everything's Javascript, nearly everything's React. Previously, completed the original/v1 curriculum for FreeCodeCamp.

At home, my stepson's in college, a senior at Flagler's Tallahassee campus; the puppy isn't yet 2; the Christmas tree is up. New appliances for the kitchen were on Santa's list and they arrived a month early.

November 26, 2018.