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Node project jumpstart

If you create new Node projects with any regularity, this is a great use of your ~/.bash_profile to automate start-up tedium. I just set it up on my desktop and laptop.


screenshot of command line

yet-another note-to-self/reminder that certbot-auto is in /opt/letsencrypt on this machine, and find / is your friend.

(I should cron-job this but it always seems to hiccup so I might as well do it manually.)

Wii hula flashback

kid hula-hooping

thank you google photos.

2019 blog ideas

I really like these ideas (though some would be different since I’m not in a big city.)


Note to future self, if Wordpress updater demands FTP credentials even though you hardened the server to refuse FTP connections entirely: You did this and it seemed to work at the time.

(question to 5-minutes-from-now self: is that title gonna explode Gatsby when it rebuilds?)

music metadata

a playlist screenshot

Amazing trifecta in my Spotify ‘Release Radar’ playlist today. Songs by ABC, Dada, and Squeeze that are not by “my” ABC, Dada, or Squeeze. (Whither the trademark lawyers?!)


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