One Advent Project About Gift Catalogs Too Many, Two

Day 25

Bonus Content from xmas day

an afternoon triptych (we did our xmas after late lunch at MIL's house)...

three pictures in one - a hex wrench, a jigsaw, and a paper crown on my head

The standing desk thingie said 'use the hex wrench to tighten the screws.' They're phillips.

The puzzle was a good 'un.

The crown was, as ever, tissue-thin.


We dogparked in the morning


No Images were Sharpened.

That's a wrap?

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Day 24

That's a wrap... for this turkey.

ad copy for electric knife with plastic chainsaw-like cover

"The Mighty Carving Knife 207016 | $99.99 is the powerful electric slicer that gives you the feel and precision of a chainsaw. Add some excitement to the table as you pull the trigger to slice the holiday turkey, roasted chicken, steak, pineapple, watermelon or bread...."

[emphasis, your humble blogger.]

The "feel and precision" of a chainsaw? What? What what? Surgeon's scalpel yes. Chainsaw, no. What on earth.

"Watermelon"? "Bread???" Yep. The image above is the one in the catalog, but let's look at some more images pulled from their website, for more ludicrodiquasity...

Click through for more...

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Day 23


"Easy To Read Digital Clock 207279 | $99.99 is perfect for home or office, or any place you need to know the time and date quickly..."

big clock


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Day 23


Lego baby yoda cradle thing

I know it's thematically significant, but this dumb little thing, on day 23? Boo.

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Day 22

Bonus Content from domain registries

At some point a couple of years ago I was waxing nostalgic for one of the retro radio websites I used to listen to in the dial-up internet era. The site ended up in yahoo’s hands; I remember listening to it… I think was probably the apartment in South Tampa, the first one, right off of…. I want to say Swann? I could walk to that hip mall and theatre. Post! Post Hyde Park. It’s coming back to me. That would’ve been Summer ’98 and I would’ve been using the 100MHz ThinkPad my dad bought me 3 years earlier when I started grad school. It had a little black dongle to convert a phone jack into AM radio-quality 80s college rock.

So I’m waxing… I get to wondering who owns the domain these days, and search WHOIS. Yahoo still owns it but it expires at the end of 2021! I set a reminder for the day before.

Alas, I came back tonight (the record was going to expire tomorrow), and a couple of weeks ago Yahoo re-upped for another year.

That’s okay. I reset the same reminder for next year. We’ll see.

screenshot of dns registry for

(Registered in May of 1998. I’m pretty sure I used it before that; this is maybe just when “Mark Monitor” got involved? Or maybe I was on to it, right from the start.)

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Day 22

Baby Yoda

Baby Yoda's a 1x1.

3 lego pieces that create Baby Yoda

Lego Baby Yoda

Phone... home...

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Day 22

Entertainment Product

two models pretending to play a giant stacking tower game.

Giant Stacking Tower Game | 207955 $99.99

What a name. The Washington Area Professional Football Team of stacking blocks games.

"I'd invite you guys over to play Jenga but my mom buys carob-covered nuts and white-label Flakes of Corn... so we only have Giant Stacking Tower Game. We also have an Intellivision instead of Atari."

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