May 29, 2019

empty airport concourse

Mid-day at TLH; pretty slow.


May 29, 2019

Mississippi river from the air

“Dad, what river is this?”

“The mighty Mississip… the Old Miss. The Old Man.”


May 29, 2019

scene from a restaurant

A frantic 30-min layover run replaced by a 4 hour wait for tornados to subside across DFW. We ate Mexican.

Lots of leg room

May 29, 2019

plane emergency exit row

Lots of leg room but not much of a view.

Arrival snack

May 29, 2019

beer and cookies

Lyft driver swung me through a 76 to get some beer. Lucille IPA. Pretty tasty. I think we ended up leaving the cookies in the kitchenette basket.

Public Market Center

May 30, 2019

famous signage

Day 1 stereotypes. Famous market, famous grey sky.

Space Needle

May 30, 2019

view from top of needle

Then we walked up to the Space Needle. Incidentally, the surrounding park gives you (for free!) all of the good things about Epcot’s World Showcase except the margarita stands around “Mexico.” The whole vibe of the place — science and art and pling-y Asian background sounds (Epcot: piped in; Seattle: authentic buskers).


May 30, 2019

a mold-a-matic

I only visit Mold-a-Matic towns.

Mad Libs

May 30, 2019

mad libs for sale

…and places that remember Mad Libs.


May 30, 2019

amazon buildings

Then we monorailed back to downtown and wandered around the Amazon buildings…


May 30, 2019

amazon sphere building

…including the “spheres.” Less controversial than I’d imagined, though I guess I don’t know what they replaced. Neat.

Seattle Aquarium

May 31, 2019

terri photographing the aquarium

I thought I took pictures inside the aquarium but apparently I only took photos of Terri taking photos. (A recurring theme).

Dog park

May 31, 2019

outdoor dog park

After the aquarium we went back into downtown again (for coffee from a “destination” place) and couldn’t resist more Amazon dog park action


May 31, 2019

Seattle skyline from the water

We did a harbor excursion thingie. Had to get up very early, but it was a nice morning trip.

Nyk Nebula

May 31, 2019

a big boat

I forget - is Nyk Nebula from Marvel or DC?

good advice

May 31, 2019

Noi Thai @ Harbor Steps

May 31, 2019

thai plates

It was only 4-ish, local, but we were still on Eastern time and had been out and about all day, so we got dinner at Noi Thai. There was an extremely disruptive pair of diners near-ish our table. More about them elsewhere, if I get around to it. Good food though!

radio towers

May 31, 2019

radio towers from our window

We were in Capitol Hill, in the basement of a funky old house. The neighbors behind had already sold out and their lots replaced with super-trendy white-box condos. The radio towers up the hill became a fun way to locate “our house” from any place-with-a-view in the entire city.


May 31, 2019

a kitchenette

This is just about everything. You can’t see the TV (behind) or the bed (on the other side of the half-wall to the right.) The exit and the bathroom are just beyond the bed. That’s it.


June 01, 2019

the highlander prop sword

There can be only… however many they had on-set.

Conan's sword

June 01, 2019

conan's prop sword

There can also be this one.


June 01, 2019

a cyberman prop

Not sure where all the original-series Hitchhiker’s Guide props are, so this may be as close as I ever get that era’s prop-cheese.


June 01, 2019

a dune prop

This is the good stuff. Weird Sci-Fi Victoriana from Dune.

Space Needle

June 01, 2019

photographing the space needle

T taking pictures again

Panorama from Queen Ann

June 01, 2019

a panorama of Seattle

what it says…

Another view from Queen Ann

June 01, 2019


After this we walked downhill through affluent neighborhoods and forested parks full of homeless dudes.

Pizza in Capitol Hill

June 01, 2019

reading the menu

Bar Cotto, pretty tasty pizza. Free tiramisu because servers usually like us.

Puget Sound

June 02, 2019

open water and mountains

We crossed the Strait of Juan de Fuca, to visit Victoria for the day and use our passports.

Victoria legislature

June 02, 2019

terri taking photo of building

Everywhere I go, I remember how hideous our Capitol is.

Captain Cook

June 02, 2019

a statue

“Can’t wait to go to Hawai’i.”

Brij Modürne

June 02, 2019

a neato bridge

Terri taking pictures of things.

On the hotel grounds...

June 02, 2019


Obligatory “of course here they’re just called ‘geese’” joke.


June 02, 2019

pizza guy

We walked up from the inner harbor to see Craigdarroch Castle (“castle”), and the couple in front of us had a whole giant pizza. s-m-r-t.

Craigdarroch Castle

June 02, 2019

this post was auto-generated without alt text

It was pretty neat. We skipped the inside tour though. (I had a strong suspicion it would look less like the Biltmore and more like a really nice Asheville BnB, on the inside).


June 02, 2019

a crow

We took a cab from the “castle” down to a big waterfront park, where I finally got a close-up of a PacNW crow. They’re huge, and everywhere. We have crows but they’re far less frequent/vocal.

Windsurf 1

June 02, 2019

a windsurfer in front of mountains

Pretty amazing views. Photos cannot do it justice.

Food trucks @ the museum

June 02, 2019

a food truck

We used the local museum as an afternoon rest stop. Lunch and a drink before carrying on.


June 02, 2019

a canned alcohol

“Hard Ruby Mandarin.”

We need more hard-liquor-in-cans down here. (What could go wrong.)


June 02, 2019

a stone laid by QE2

When they say “royal” museum I guess they mean it.

Campus bookstore

June 03, 2019

with a makeup counter

It’s always Clinique Bonus-Time ™ at the U-Dub bookstore


June 03, 2019

collegiate gear with an asian vibe

if there’s not an Albert the Alligator version of this tokyodachi business, the next time I’m in Gainesville, I will be sorely disappointed. (Especially the bucket hat. Green with an anime Albert? Come ONNNN.)

Dune @ U-Dub

June 03, 2019

abstract art

After seeing that Dune stuff at MoPOP I guess I just had it on my mind everywhere I looked.

I made this joke elsewhere

June 03, 2019


so why make it again?


June 03, 2019

a street sticker reading 'fuck you techie' or 'fuck you amazon'

big mood in Capitol Hill, around the bike shop.

Seattle Cider

June 03, 2019

a can of cider

We tried almost all their flavors, by the end of the trip. Pretty tasty.

Sub-pop at the airport

June 04, 2019

an airport shop


there's my house

June 04, 2019

random notes

June 06, 2019

My home-grown mini-CMS crashed on the first day of vacation and I didn’t have computing resources beyond my phone. As a result I was dropping random things into the Notes app, in lieu of posting.

Some random bits from that note:

  • “Curiosity in extremis runs the risk of becoming dilettantism, a tendency to sample everything and finish nothing.” Excerpt From: Soni, Jimmy. “A Mind at Play.” Simon & Schuster. Apple Books.
  • How to revert to the old screenshot behavior, on a Mac
  • This MeFi post about groceries and this killer response from Frowner… “I just want some potatoes. Leave my goddamn soul alone.”
  • …and that somehow related in my head to this @ibogost tweet about 2nd-order gamification.
  • Atwood recommending Pi-hole. I want to look into this for the house.
  • My own observation: “With apologies, all good IPAs are alike. Each bad IPA is bad in its own unique way.”
  • Also, “Night Shifts, ranked: 1) The Commodores’ song; 2) Steven King story collection; 3) The iPhone feature; 4) The Henry Winkler movie.”
  • I got curious about that ‘Ahoy Barf’ sticker and this is what Google came up with. If I dig any further it’s gonna to feel like a Gibson novel. Leave it. Leave it!
  • The annoying people at Noi Thai were a pair of women; from context I gathered that it was a professor/pupil relationship. The professor was being very performatively dramatic, hugely excessive cursing, while praising — a thing that I see ocassionally and loath, regardless of the curser’s gender. “You’re fucking amazing and if you don’t goddam believe that I can’t fucking help you anymore! You have such a shitload of incredible talent!” and on and on and on. Swearing in lieu of an actual personality. I predicted to T that within an hour of their leaving the restaurant, the professor had either swung a bipolar 180° and started berating her, or shoved a hand up her skirt while driving. (Or both.)
  • Scooters. Having read about the scourge of scooters, I was prepared to be annoyed. They seemed fine. It didn’t seem like a big deal. Like the Amazon Spheres. It’s just a thing. Big whoop.
  • The homeless dudes in the big park in Queen Anne, that surprised me. I thought Seattle cops were ugly; don’t they chase the homeless down into the bad parts of town?
  • I thought cursive writing was dead - my kid can barely scratch it out or read it. But every Seattle-ite under 40 has a complete cursive-script sentence tattooed somewhere prominently on their bod. Gross. (But the that Omnibus episode came out and the hosts both said their Seattle-public-school kids were learning cursive, so maybe this is an observation colored by living in the Ignorant South. (But then… but then, but then, but then))